Christian Education:

The mission of the Christian Education Committee at Trinity Lutheran Church is to teach God’s Word, to nurture faith development, and to encourage witnessing to that faith.


The Computer Committee serves as a resource to congregational members, council, committees and Administrative Staff in matters relating to computer hardware, software and training. Our mission is guided by the love of God and Christ’s word.


The Evangelism Committee shows the light of Christ’s undeserved love to everyone. We educate and lead Trinity Lutheran Church to extend Christ’s hospitality to visitors and all within our community.


The Finance Committee exercises fiscal responsibility with monetary assets so that the ministry of the parish can be accomplished by enabling the work of the Holy Spirit in our community and the world.


The mission of the Property Committee is to oversee the care, maintenance, and improvement of Trinity Lutheran Church. Trinity has been blessed with a beautiful building in which to worship.  The Property Committee is committed to giving thanks to God by being good stewards of the gifts we have been asked to maintain.

Social Ministry:

Motivated by the Holy Spirit, the Social Ministry Committee of Trinity Lutheran Church is called to lead the congregation in reaching out to persons experiencing need or unfair treatment, to help the congregation respond to issues of justice and environmental well-being, and to encourage respectful relations within the congregation and community to the extent of our wisdom, gifts, and talents.

Stewardship Committee:

The mission of the Stewardship Committee is to guide the congregation’s support of the church’s mission through programs that develop and maximize resources of time, talent, and treasure.

Stewardship Group:

A small group of volunteers joins together in October, November, and December to organize and carry out an annual stewardship campaign. The goal of the campaign is to inform, educate, and encourage congregation members to offer their time, talents, and financial support to Trinity in accordance with the church’s mission and ministries.

Activities include arranging for member talks to the congregation, providing written articles and mailings, establishing and promoting a Consecration Sunday when annual pledges are received at the altar, and promoting a variety of opportunities for members to support the church.

Worship & Music:

The mission of the Worship and Music Committee is to facilitate the liturgical worship of God, reflecting the diversity of the congregation through variety in liturgy, music, and visual and expressive arts.