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Worship, Christian Education, and Rehearsals Canceled until further notice.

Hoping to see everyone back sometime in June!

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Help Celebrate Mary! 

Mary Ilgenfritz is going to celebrate a big birthday on May 28th. She will be 90!!!! We want to make it extra special but with times being the way they are her health and safety is priority. So, instead of gathering together we would like to shower, or more like storm her with cards. She lives for the mail each day so this will be a great surprise for her.  Her address:  1903 Creekside Ct., Valparaiso, IN 46383.   Share the love! Celebrate Mary! Make her day! Thank you!!

Jeff Doebler, handbell choir director:

Karen and I are praying that all of you are happy, healthy, and safe. Soli Deo Gloria.

The most important thing to note is that my wife, Karen, is an intensive care unit nurse at Porter Hospital. She’s worked there since 1998, so she saves lives every day. Karen is a hero. She looks like a superhero in her protective gear!

Outreach is a significant part of my job at VU, where I serve as director of music education and bands. During the entire academic year and summer, much of my time is spent as a guest conductor and/or clinician, on campus, around Indiana, around the country, and around the world. On Tuesday, March 10, I was conducting an honor band in Seeger, Indiana. When I got home late that night, I found the first messages of schools, events, and clinics being canceled. I went from 15-25 hours per week of conducting to zero! Even Lutheran Summer Music has been canceled. (We’re excited that 2021 will be LSM’s 40th season, and that we’ll be at VU again.)

At the same time, my VU ensembles (three concert bands), student teacher supervision, and two other classes went online. Since it was spring break, I had a little time to retool those responsibilities for virtual learning. Everything turned out fine, but I miss face-to-face teaching!

I miss the handbell choir at Trinity! I thoroughly enjoy our time together on Wednesday nights and one Sunday morning per month. As the quarantine kept getting lengthened, I was in contact with the musicians every few weeks to cancel rehearsals and church appearances. I can’t wait for us to be back together this fall. Maybe we’ll be wearing our gloves (as usual), but also face masks! The 2020-21 academic year will be our 25th season!

On a lighter note, Gus (our dog, who got his name because both of our sons attended Gustavus Adolphus College) thinks the quarantine is the best thing to ever happen, since there is always someone at home. He’s even getting two walks (“neighborhood reconnaissance”) per day.

Many thanks to Pastor Tim, Abby, Szu-Ping and everyone else allowing TLC to continue its service, even during the pandemic. I am eager to get back to in-person worship. Press on!

What has Szu-Ping been up to? 

At first, I thought we would be back for the Holy Week services, and then maybe Easter Sunday, then end of May, or sometime in June? All this time I kept thinking is it possible? At that time, it was difficult to think that we had to abandon all the music we had planned for the Easter season and all the concerts we would have hosted at our church!

It is for sure a strange feeling to play and record myself on the organ weeks after weeks up in the organ loft, and it has been nine weeks as of now! But nine weeks has gone by just like that! 
For the first two Sundays, Janet, Emily, Pastor Tim, and I could record the service on Saturdays together and try to be six feet apart from each other but since the new guidelines came out, we had to record our parts remotely and it got trickier! 
All this time, I had to come up with some ways to involve our musicians in the online worship service. With my daughter, Laura, and especially her boyfriend’s help, I learned a lot about recording. Gradually we now can record the instrumentalists, vocal quartet, and piano accompany part separately for the service. It’s a work in progress with recording music remotely and then putting them together! Can you feel my pain? 
I have been keeping in touch with most of the congregation and the choir through my regular emails every week since the stay-at-home order. One email is to the congregation with my paper organ project, and the other email is to the choir with some music stuff to keep them amused. If you haven’t received my emails, it is because I don’t have your email address. Sorry OR maybe you got lucky! My paper organ project is done now. It was fun for me to do, and hopefully you enjoyed the process too! If you haven’t seen my project and would like to know about it, let me know!
My family is doing fine! My husband is still working at the hospital in the lab and working on many projects at the same time, but he has to change some of his routine since. Both of our daughters are home with us. Laura has just finished her freshman year majoring in biology at Purdue. I’d say she is adjusting the best she can with her first college year experience abruptly stopped and changed. She is looking forward to making a lot of art this summer. Katie is home now during this time and baking way too much yummy food for us and watching way too much Netflix before she goes on to medical school at IU in the Fall. She got her four wisdom teeth out last week, one of the things she had to do before she dives into the unknown.
As for me, I’m so thankful that I have a small vegetable garden to tend to when I’m stressed. I highly recommend starting a vegetable garden! Last year, this little garden of mine could produce four months of vegetables for my whole family and be able to give some to my neighbors and friends. I cannot wait to see what happens this year! I miss you all, and I miss all the music ensembles. I miss the rehearsals, the conversations, the stillness and the noise during the service, the coffee and treats during fellowship time, the community! Not being able to worship together in person is something we have to accept in order to keep us safe as best as we can, but we have discovered in ourselves that we are able to find different ways to worship and be the church that we never dreamt that we would have to be! Not ideal but we can do it and we should continue as long as it takes! God is with us! 
Stay healthy and continue to pray for each other!

What Deaconess Barb Has Been Up To!

Hello, dear friends!  This has been an unusual and challenging time for all of us.  We were caught unawares and quickly had our eyes opened to a new normal.  Except, it doesn’t feel normal, does it?!
I am sheltering-in-place at my apartment.  I live in a two-bedroom apartment where I love to craft.  I am an avid scrapbooker and enjoy creating memory books and journals.  When life was normal, I enjoyed going to a scrapbooking event at the South Haven Library where I worked on my projects with five other women.  We met once a month.  I didn’t know them before we began crafting together, but we have come to know each other over the last two years.  These women are faithful women also, committed to God and to their church families.  I didn’t expect that, but it’s been a huge blessing.  We all work on our own projects, share a snack, and lots of conversation.  It’s been a great way to build a new community of friends for me.
As many of you know, my family lives far away.  My brother and his family live in El Cajon, CA, near San Diego.  Our mom is in a nearby nursing home.  She has diabetes and COPD.  My brother, Mike, is a supervisor for the Post Office and my sister-in-law, Deborah, is a supervisor of custodians at Point Loma Nazarene University.  It’s a beautiful campus overlooking the ocean.  That’s where my brother’s wedding was, on a cliff, overlooking the ocean, on a brilliantly sunny day in 2006.  
The rest of my family lives in St. Louis, MO.  I have aunts, uncles, and cousins that I miss greatly.  It’s wonderful to be able to spend time with people who have known and loved you your whole life.  I’m especially close to my Aunt Judy and Uncle Buddy who let me stay with them when I visit.  My Aunt Judy’s daughter, Val, is my goddaughter.  She is married and has three children, Kiya, Kendle, and Kamden.  Kiya, the oldest, is also my goddaughter.  She just turned 13.  I can’t believe how fast she is growing up.  I love visiting St. Louis to see my family and spend time with them.  I enjoy seeing the Arch which was completed the year I was born.  I enjoy Imo’s pizza and watching the Cardinals play baseball.
I’ve been spending my time at home trying to figure out what ministry looks like when you can’t be together in person.  I’ve been holding Sunday School weekly via Zoom since April 5.  I’ve been sending mailings to the children and their families.  We have started playing Bingo over Zoom and it’s been a lot of fun.  I mailed Bingo cards to the children and brought the Bingo machine home from church.  We usually use it at the church picnic.  The high schoolers and I meet over Instagram and I have enjoyed seeing their faces and hearing what’s going on in their lives.  Several of them are busy working when they’re not e-learning.  The Confirmation students and teachers have also been meeting via Zoom.  We had our last class for the year on May 17, but will continue to meet through the summer for Fellowship activities.  Unfortunately, our Mission Trip to Denver was cancelled, but we’re working on doing VBS through a recorded and live format.  I’ll have more information on that as it develops.  Please remember us in your prayers.  VBS has always been a huge outreach for our congregation!  I am so grateful to have a job that I love!!
I am holding you all in prayer!  I pray for your jobs and finances, your family and friends, for good health and strength during this challenging time.  I don’t know what the future will bring, but I know who holds the future:  a God who loves us and is always with us!
Trinity members have asked about the most direct way to make a cash donation to the Christian Food Pantry. Here it is: You can write a check for any amount to the CHRISTIAN FOOD PANTRY. You can write TRINITY in the memo space on the check since the pantry keeps records for its annual report. You can mail the check directly to the pantry founder and co-director at this address:
In addition, food items can be dropped at the pantry on Monday or Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. until noon. The pantry is located in the Asbury Centre building, 7 Chicago Street in Valparaiso (just east across from Trinity’s Washington Street entrance).

Ways to Help Out at New Creations Shelter

Although the New Creation Men’s Shelter no longer houses the men overnight at the Calumet Avenue location, the men are still there until 10:00p.m. nightly. You can still sign up to chaperone the men at this sign-up:    https://signup.com/go/DPjTpOs

You can also provide breakfast or dinner for ten people (or partner with a friend). For breakfast, you can also provide the food items, and the guys can cook for themselves (for example, packages of bacon, eggs, and bread for 10 guys). If you would like to provide a meal, you can sign up on this page: https://signup.com/go/KrghuDP 

Food is generally delivered between 5:30 and 6:00p.m. You can choose to deliver the food to the shelter at 2102 Calumet Avenue, Valparaiso, IN 46383,  or request a Trinity Delivery Volunteer by contacting Pastor Tim. 

One other option that Trinity members and friends have chosen is to send a check made to New Creations Men Shelter at the address in the above paragraph. You can put “food supplies” in the memo space of your check.

Thank you for continuing to care for the men who are unable to secure housing in these difficult times. Serving with our church members to do the work that Christ would have us do is a powerful blessing.

Questions? Call Mike at 219-508-4422

Photos from our 3rd Annual Reformation Concert 


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