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Sunday Worship Remains Online due to the pandemic.

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. . . . . . . is almost there with enough funds to begin a component of Phase 2 of the campaign: flooring for the sanctuary and overflow areas behind it. The Fellowship Hall is scheduled for later in the year.  With what has been currently given through pledges, gifts, and a donation from the Gary Behrens Memorial Fund, approximately $15,000 of the $22,000 needed for this area has been raised. Won’t you please consider giving to this campaign which supports our mission? Checks may be mailed to Trinity Lutheran at 201 Washington St., Valparaiso, IN 46383, marked WHFG or you may give online at www.tlcvalpo.com. For more information, please call Diane Chilian at 916-6832 or Darrel Eichhorn at 916-3092.

. . . . . . .is busy planning a fun, helpful way for you to contribute a loved, but no longer needed household item (suggested value over $30). The items will be sold online and funds will be used for new carpet and tile. Look around your home (or garage)! Call Jane Schreiner 617-1998 or Diane Chilian 916-6832 for more info.


We’re Here For Good is planning a fun way to raise money for the new tile and carpet for our sanctuary! And none of the money will come out of your pocket! Hurray! We are asking you to look around your home to see if you have any items of value ($30 and over) that you once loved but now may be ready to send out the door! If you donate these items for our sale, this will be a great way for you to contribute to Trinity. We will then sell these items through the Trinity Newsletter, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Let us know what you have. We will let you know when to drop off your treasure. If you need help moving an item, let us know. Jane Schreiner 617-1998 and Diane Chilian 916-6832. Thank you.


From Deaconess Barb 

Make an impact during this pandemic! Gather supplies for Personal Care Kits. 
I know that this past year has been a struggle in many ways, but I must admit that I still feel very blessed. I have a home, utilities, clean water, good friends and family. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for families who have been affected by natural disasters, war, famine, etc. I would like to ask if you could help make a difference for families in need around the world? Lutheran World Relief has ongoing efforts to supply families with needed items: quilts, school kits, fabric kits, baby kits, and personal care kits. I would like to gather supplies for Personal Care Kits. I think we can make a difference for good even during a worldwide pandemic. Will you join me? I have copied the important information below. Please note the importance of light-weight, dark-colored towels. Let me know that you want to help make a difference, too! 
Be sure to shop for light- or medium-weight towels, which are easier for Kit recipients to hand wash and air dry, take up less storage space and are considerably less expensive than the fluffier towels we may prefer to use. 
• Bath towels vary in size. The 52” X 27” size listed in the guidelines is the maximum size. 20” x 40” is a good guideline for a minimum size. 
• Please give new items only. 
• Please do not donate items with any religious symbols, messages or your group’s name. • Please do not donate any items decorated with a U.S. flag, patriotic or military symbols, or references to the armed forces, including camouflage. 
• Do not add other items or leave out any of the items listed. 
• All items should be new and in good condition. 
• Do not enclose the Kit or any of its contents in plastic bags. 
● ONE light-weight bath-size towel (between 20” x 40” and 52” x 27”), dark color recommended 
● TWO or three bath-size bars of soap equaling 8 to 9 oz., any brand, in original wrapping ● ONE adult-size toothbrush in its original packaging* 
● ONE sturdy comb, remove packaging 
● ONE metal nail clippers (attached file optional), remove packaging 
* Toothbrush multi-packs may be used by sealing an individual toothbrush in a business-size

Holding Each Other In Prayer

Ingrid Anderson
Bill Reed 
Kathy Shivley
Nikki Garwood
Lois Scheerer
The Iler Family
Tammy Osterhout
Norma Lee Pickard
Ruth Ludington
Thomas Reichler
Lois Stanley
Eden Preston
Jeff Cummings & Family
Bess Babuska
(mother of Linda Beach)
Teachers, Students, and Parents
(nephew of Judy Phillips)
(niece of Judy Phillips)
(Sons of Lori Olson)
(Sister of Lori Olson)
Dorsey Martin
(Daughter of Anna Mae Wheeland)
Barbara Baldwin
(Niece of Anna Mae Wheeland)
 Bonnie Iler 
(Son in law of Nan Paarlberg)

Reading the Bible Together Apart

A few weeks ago Pastor Tim mentioned using the daily lectionary to read the Bible “together apart.” A video walk through of the daily lectionary–finding it, using it, praying with it–is available online at https://youtu.be/4NtABiEbgRM
Louise Williams and Pastor Tim have also started a Facebook group for discussing the daily readings, sharing how we feel the Spirit talking to us through them, or just the experience of reading scripture regularly, together apart. The group is called Trinity Daily Lectionary Group and can be found on Facebook here
**Readings will return next week 

Notes From Deaconess Barb 

Deaconess Barb is on vacation January 20-30, however, Sunday School and Confirmation Class will still meet.  Michelle Ward will have a special link for Sunday School and Pastor Tim will have a link for Confirmation.






We’re back!!
Join us for  Sunday School,
Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:15 am
on Zoom: 
Sunday School Zoom Link 






We’re back!!
Join us for Confirmation Class,
Sunday from Noon-1:00 pm,
Zoom: Confirmation Zoom Link 

Wednesday Zoom Prayer Practices will resume in February.





Photos from our 3rd Annual Reformation Concert 


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Trinity Lutheran Church, Valparaiso is proud to be a Reconciled In Christ congregation, welcoming people of all gender identities and sexual orientations as part of this community of the people of God.

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