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Bake through Advent 

Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021 

5:30-6:20 pm 

Everyone is invited to “Bake through Advent!!” Each week we will make something different. 

This is an experience of making things together and talking things through. 

This week, we are making star ornaments with a melted candy in the middle as we talk about Jesus, the light of the world, who turns darkness into light. 

If you are able**, please bring the supplies listed below. Everything else will be provided. 

Heads up: we will NOT be baking the ornaments at church. You will take them home and bake them so we don’t miss worship. 

**Supplies Needed: 2 cookie sheets, rolling pin** 

Please contact Deaconess Barb, bherzinger@tlcvalpo.com, (219) 561-3887, if you have any questions, or to let her know you are planning to come. You can just show up, but it’s easier to plan if I know approximately who’s coming.

Looking ahead: 


Next Week, 12/8: God’s Promise from Long Ago, Matthew 1:1-18, looking at Jesus’ family tree and ours. We will make gingerbread people as we remember the people God has blessed us with in our lives. Supplies needed: rolling pin and 2 cookie sheets. 

Two weeks, 12/15: Simeon & Anna Meet Jesus, Luke 2:21-40. God promised that Simeon and Anna would see the Savior before they died. God kept that promise! We will make a happy face snowman trifle to remember the joy of Simeon and Anna. Supplies needed: a can of your favorite fruit or fresh fruit.





With Trinity opening up again, Health Ministry is excited to start our popular Yoga class with instructor Susan Rizer. 
When: Tuesday’s
(and Tuesdays thereafter)
Time: 7:00-8:00 PM
Place: Our “new” Fellowship Hall
Fee: $25.00 for 5 session punch card
 or $6.00 per class.
Bring your own mat and water bottle. Dress casually. Children (age 6+) are welcome to participate with a parent. 
Enter building through parking lot door on Layfayette St.
Questions? Email Linda Beach at lehanson26@att.net

News From Stephen Ministry
Classes to train new Stephen Ministers will begin Sept. 13, 2021!
For further information, please contact

Ann Baas    
(219) 476-5926
George Reichler
(219) 477-2080
Terry Paarlberg
(219) 242-4035

Holding Each Other In Prayer 
*Names will remain on the prayer list for 4 weeks. If you would like them to remain on the list longer, please contact the office.**

Barb Pearson and Family
Len Ptacek and Family
Annamae Wheeland and Family
Lois Scheerer
Betty McGinley
Susan Swanson
Phyllis Kersten
Thomas Reichler
Lois Stanley
Eden Preston
Nikki Garwood
Stephanie Yeager
Bess Babuska
(mother of Linda Beach)
Barbara Baldwin
(Niece of Anna Mae Wheeland)
Dolores Steil
(mother of Valerie Steil)
Karen and Bobby
(niece and nephew of Judy Phillips)
May Bergerson-Urbon
(mother of Lauren Mache)
Zellie Raelson
(friend of Jane Schreiner)
John Harbeck
Salvadore Cortez
Holly Forker
Phyllis Sampson
(mother of Phil Simcich)

October Pantry Report
Having served 138 families providing food for 324 people in October pantry volunteers are preparing to gather dinner menu items to be offered for Thanksgiving on November 17th and 22nd.  Turkeys donated anonymously are available. Some smaller turkey breasts have been purchased for smaller families that can’t use a large bird. Pies and cakes from Strack’s on Calumet or make-your-own pie kits will be offered to top off the meal. There is $9,263.00 available for pantry purchases at Meijer’s. These monies give the pantry directors a great deal to be ‘thankful for’ when planning, ordering for and serving families in our ‘neighborhood’ needing food assistance all year long. As the pantry checking account is also in good shape as plans are started for the Christmas distribution, hams will be purchased for that meal and scalloped, Julienne or au gratin potatoes will be offered along with the usual dinner menu items. This great ‘money news’ is sent knowing it will assist with special pantry activity and basic needs for the New Year.
Happy Thanksgiving and ‘thank you’ to congregational contacts and members, organizations and other donors.
An extra ‘thankful’ goes out for all the dependable pantry volunteers and especially for the guys that do the extra ‘muscle-type jobs’ whenever needed.
Nan: founder (219-462-6169) Sharon (219-464-1764)



Nan (462-6169); Sharon (464-1764)



Trinity Lutheran Church, Valparaiso is proud to be a Reconciled In Christ congregation, welcoming people of all gender identities and sexual orientations as part of this community of the people of God.

    • Trinity Lutheran Church
    • 201 N. Washington Street
    • Valparaiso, Indiana 46383
  • (219) 462-9624

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