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6:30pm Wednesday (July 21 Canceled for VBS)


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Parish News

Thank You From Ethan
Hello from LSM! I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who supported me spiritually and especially financially in my efforts to go to Lutheran Summer Music this year. I am having a great time here and am making lots of progress on my instrument. We will be having several concerts this coming week, several of which I will be participating in. I will be in the Fresh Ink Recital at 3:00 pm and the Jazz Ensemble Recital at 4:30 pm, both on July 22. I will then be playing in the student recitals on either the 23rd or 24th of July (my exact date and time is yet to be determined). Lastly, on the 24th of July, I will be performing with the band in the Large Ensemble Concert starting at 7:00 pm. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the physical audience size has been limited, but these concerts will be streamed live on the Lutheran Summer Music Facebook page at the times listed. You can also find a full calendar of the dates I have listed and more on lsmacademy.org, under Events and then Performance Calendar 2021. Thank you again to everyone for your support, and if you plan to virtually attend the recitals I hope you enjoy listening to the culmination of everyone’s hard work here at LSM.

July Book Club

Book club will meet this Sunday, July 25th following Fellowship.
This month’s book:
Whisper Me This
By Kerry Anne King

News From Stephen Ministry
Classes to train new Stephen Ministers will begin Sept. 13, 2021!
For further information, please contact

Ann Baas    
(219) 476-5926
George Reichler
(219) 477-2080
Terry Paarlberg
(219) 242-4035

Trinity Groups/Teams/Committees
Meeting in Church Building

With vaccines available and being administered and with virus infections going down, if Trinity small groups or teams or committees would like to use the church building for meetings, it has been approved as long as the following guidelines and protocols are followed.
●    Contact Abby at the Church Office to advise of date, time and location of the meeting, so it can be added to the Parish Calendar. **Please note that all day Tuesdays and Saturday mornings should be avoided as Trinity staff record the online worship at those times**
●    The leader or chair for the meeting should maintain an attendance record for purposes of contact tracing, if needed.
●    All attendees are required to wear masks at all times in the building.
●    All attendees should maintain at least 6 feet social distancing.
●    Wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer as needed. **Reminder that the current protocol is one person in a restroom at a time.**
●    As it has become clear during this pandemic, the virus is almost exclusively spread through the air. So as long as all attending the meeting follow all the previous protocols and avoid touching their faces without washing hands or using hand sanitizer, then washing down tables is not necessary.
●    If all participants in a meeting have received their full course of vaccination, masks and social distancing are not necessarily required, but if there is any doubt, err on the side of caution: mask and distance.
If you have any questions, contact the church office, Pastor Tim, or Marty Swinehart, Safety Team Chair.

Holding Each Other In Prayer 
*Names will remain on the prayer list for 4 weeks. If you would like them to remain on the list longer, please contact the office.**

Phyllis Kersten
Donna Sundwall
Thomas Reichler
Lois Stanley
Eden Preston
Nikki Garwood
Stephanie Yeager
Bess Babuska
(mother of Linda Beach)
Barbara Baldwin
(Niece of Anna Mae Wheeland)
Dolores Steil
(mother of Valerie Steil)
Linda Grote
(sister of Barb Pearson)
Karen and Bobby
(neice and nephew of Judy Phillips)
Dave Baker
(son-in-law of Jane Aicher)
Doug Kinsey
(son of Mike and Lynn)
Barbara Jones
Brenda Carter
Katie Blake

June Pantry Report
With only 124 families (providing 273 people with food ) the number of serves is still low. Immanuel reports the same situation while it was learned that Hill Top has had twice the usual numbers. It hasn’t been figured out why. The 68 Kid’s Kits given out were well received. With the continuing support of our 7 congregations and various other individuals and groups our pantry is well stocked with food items at this time and there is adequate money in the checking account. Things are in place if the numbers increase any time soon.
The continuing interest, concern and support for the pantry is greatly appreciated.
(Glad to have Jan, Elaine and Harry available again.)



Trinity Lutheran Church, Valparaiso is proud to be a Reconciled In Christ congregation, welcoming people of all gender identities and sexual orientations as part of this community of the people of God.

    • Trinity Lutheran Church
    • 201 N. Washington Street
    • Valparaiso, Indiana 46383
  • (219) 462-9624

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