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Parish News
Graduation Recognition 
Biographical Information 
June 6, 2021 
Trent Delliquadri: son of Jeff, grandson of Michael and Rita, graduate of Chesterton High School. Trent will be attending Manchester University. 
Sophie DeRuntz: daughter of Becky and Robert, graduate of Chesterton High School. 
Gregory Lichtenberger: son of Danielle Zecevich and Wayne Lichtenberger, graduate of Indiana State University. Greg is now a pilot. 
Claire Lopez: daughter of Kris and Terry, graduate of Valparaiso High School. Claire will attend Purdue University to study nursing. 
Reese Mayernik: son of Christine & Bill Iler and Alan Mayernik, graduate of Valparaiso High School. Reese participated in football during his freshman and sophomore years. He was certified as a Lifeguard and worked at the YMCA. He is planning to apply to a trade apprenticeship in the fall. He has been actively volunteering as an actor at the Haunted Hospital in Lake Station and BMX bike racing at Steel Wheels BMX in Hobart. 
Emma Misecko: daughter of Phil and Debbie, graduate of Hobart High School. 
Brett Otterbacher: son of Christine and Scott, graduate of Valparaiso High School. Brett will be attending Purdue University. 
Cassandra Otterbacher: daughter of Christine and Scott, graduate of Valparaiso High School. Cass will be attending Purdue University. 
Emma Santos: daughter of Beth and Mario, graduate of Wheeler High School. Emma will be attending Purdue University. 
Sophia Webdell: daughter of Valerie Webdell and Troy Webdell, graduate of Valparaiso High School. Sophia won first place in horseback riding at the IEA Regionals. She is an accomplished piano player with 12 years of lessons, a certified lifeguard, and she got an Honorable Mention at the IMTA Hoosier Auditions. Sophia will attend Loyola University to study sociology and criminology.


Help Send Ethan to Lutheran Summer Music
Dear Trinity Friends,
Our Trinity member, Ethan Preston is going to participate in the 4-week Lutheran Summer Music Camp at Valparaiso University in July. Ethan is a member of the church council, and has blessed us with his musical talents by playing saxophone, flute and recorder in some of our worship services. When Ethan was younger, he was a faithful member of our youth ensemble “Joyful Noise”. Recently, he has helped our church make decisions in purchasing the needed recording equipment for our online worship services.
In the past, when we have had young people participating in this wonderful music experience with other student musicians from across the country, we have helped families with tuition expenses. We are hoping to raise $500-$1,000 for Ethan.
If you are able to help, ANY amount is greatly appreciated! There will be a donation box in the church office in which you can place your donation. Please put cash or check (checks made out to Trinity Lutheran Church, and put “Ethan-LSM” on the memo line)in the box. If you are unable to get to church to make your donation, please contact Janet Wade (219-241-6925) to make arrangements to pick up your donation.
Donations need to be made by June 30th. Thank you for your support of Ethan, by helping him to be a part of this excellent music and worship experience!
Janet Wade
Director of TLC Choirs


News From Stephen Ministry
Classes to train new Stephen Ministers will begin Sept. 13, 2021!
For further information, please contact:
Ann Baas    
(219) 476-5926
George Richler
(219) 477-2080
Terry Paarlberg
(219) 242-4035

Christ In Our Home July-September Is Here!
Large and small print copies can be found on the welcome table in the foyer.



    Come to Community Conversations after church on Sunday, June 6, to learn about the affordable Housing needs in Valpo and how YOU CAN HELP. As a church body,  one of Trinity’s missions is  to help those in need in our community as Christ asked us to do.  Paul and Larry are at the forefront of this affordable housing campaign  and will bring us their knowledge  in an informative, yet entertaining way!  See you at Community Conversations on June 6.

Time for Worship!
We are so excited to be preparing for in-person worship again. While remote worship was never ideal, it has presented the unique opportunity to carefully evaluate our worship schedule. We have been paying attention to which services seem to be the most popular and meet the needs of the most people. We can’t wait to welcome you for in-person weekly worship at the following days and times:
1. 9:00 AM Sunday mornings. The move to one service on Sunday morning at 9:00 am has enabled Trinity to hold worship, fellowship time, and an unhurried education period for children and adults. 
2. 6:30 PM Wednesday evenings. Over the past several years this has proved to be a popular time for Trinity to worship. Advent Vespers, Courtyard Vespers, and Zoom vespers have drawn consistent participation. We will offer Holy Communion on the first Wednesday of each month (and also special church holidays like Ash Wednesday) and Evening Prayer on the remaining Wednesdays. Trinity has always had excellent lay leadership, and Evening Prayer allows room for other staff and lay leaders to be worship leaders on a regular basis. 
As with any organization, needs will continue to be monitored and evaluated, and services can be adjusted as necessary. 

WE NEED HELP! Interested?
Hello fellow members!
You hopefully have heard by this time that Trinity is returning to in-person worship on May 23rd. This is planned as a more-or-less permanent move. Right now we need volunteers to make this return a smooth event, as well as all the subsequent services after that.
Right now we need about 16 people to conduct a service besides Pastor Tim and Szu-Ping. They consist of the following:
Assisting Minister (assists the pastor in performing the service, prays the intercessionary prayer and post-Communion prayer)
Acolyte (carries the cross for the entrance and exit, holds book for Pastor, supplies wine & bread as needed during communion)
Lector (reads the lessons)
Children’s time leader (leads the Children’s Time)
Communion Assistants (assist in communion distribution)
Ushers  (collect offering, assist people in seating,)
Greeters (stationed by the entry door to greet people as they arrive at service)
Altar Guild (set up and take down Communion serveware, clean all the serveware)
Bread baker (bakes and delivers Communion bread).
If you are interested in filling one or more of these positions, please contact me at paul_mache@yahoo.com
This will NOT be a forever thing, but so far no one has decided on a length of time for an assignment.
Training will be provided for these positions.
Think about it. It’s a way to serve the church and the congregation, and it can be a whole lot of fun besides.
In Christ,
Paul Mache

Trinity Groups/Teams/Committees
Meeting in Church Building

With vaccines available and being administered and with virus infections going down, if Trinity small groups or teams or committees would like to use the church building for meetings, it has been approved as long as the following guidelines and protocols are followed.
●    Contact Abby at the Church Office to advise of date, time and location of the meeting, so it can be added to the Parish Calendar. **Please note that all day Tuesdays and Saturday mornings should be avoided as Trinity staff record the online worship at those times**
●    The leader or chair for the meeting should maintain an attendance record for purposes of contact tracing, if needed.
●    All attendees are required to wear masks at all times in the building.
●    All attendees should maintain at least 6 feet social distancing.
●    Wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer as needed. **Reminder that the current protocol is one person in a restroom at a time.**
●    As it has become clear during this pandemic, the virus is almost exclusively spread through the air. So as long as all attending the meeting follow all the previous protocols and avoid touching their faces without washing hands or using hand sanitizer, then washing down tables is not necessary.
●    If all participants in a meeting have received their full course of vaccination, masks and social distancing are not necessarily required, but if there is any doubt, err on the side of caution: mask and distance.
If you have any questions, contact the church office, Pastor Tim, or Marty Swinehart, Safety Team Chair.

Holding Each Other In Prayer 
*Names will remain on the prayer list for 4 weeks. If you would like them to remain on the list longer, please contact the office.**

Barbara Pearson
Thomas Reichler
Lois Stanley
Eden Preston
Nikki Garwood
Stephanie Yeager
Bess Babuska
(mother of Linda Beach)
Barbara Baldwin
(Niece of Anna Mae Wheeland)
Dolores Steil
(mother of Valerie Steil)
Linda Grote
(sister of Barb Pearson)
Craig & Carol
(friends of Mike and Kirsten Renehan)
(brother of Ruth Cavanaugh)

April Pantry Report

The number of clients coming to the pantry is still low:  94 families getting food for 230 people this month.  Donations of food, money and Meijer coupon money are still very generous.  It is ‘guesstimated’ that the numbers of families needing food assistance may increase as government assistant benefits run out.  The pantry is prepared.  No specific food items are needed at this time but ‘basic’ items (cereal, baked beans, tuna in water, canned fruit – for example) are always appreciated.   “Heads up” information has been sent to the pantry giving details being planned for the Memorial Day concert usually held at the Memorial Opera House on Memorial Day.  More information regarding that program will be given when/if received.  Donations of food for the pantry are usually requested as a “ticket” for the thank-you-to-our-veterans concert.

Special attention to the continuing help offered by Sandy and Pam needs to be mentioned in this month’s report.  Thank you to you and all that come to work as needed!  Nan appreciates knowing she can count on you.

It also needs to be remembered that pantry information doesn’t get to our sponsoring congregations except through the efforts of contacts at each church.  You are needed and appreciated also.

Nan (founder) (219) 462-6169; Sharon (219) 464-1764


Photos from our 3rd Annual Reformation Concert 


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Trinity Lutheran Church, Valparaiso is proud to be a Reconciled In Christ congregation, welcoming people of all gender identities and sexual orientations as part of this community of the people of God.

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