Stewardship at Trinity

Ways to give at Trinity Lutheran Church of Valparaiso (TLCV)

We cannot stress enough the importance of sharing of time and talents in our congregation, but this commentary is intended only to address the financial giving choices at our church. Currently the following options are available:

  1. Placing donations in the collection plate (using envelopes or not)
    • Cash
    • Check
  2. Simply Giving
    • Fill out “Simply Giving Form” located in the foyer and return to the Church office, designate amount and choose reoccurring giving or one-time gift.
    • Funds will automatically be transferred from your checking account into the Church’s account
  3. Electronic giving
    • Access our website at:
    • Scroll down the home page to find the “Donate” button. Clicking here will take you to a secure page for simple registration.
    • You may give via credit/debit card, checking, or savings account. You may give as a one-time donation, or may schedule regular reoccurring contributions.
    • The amount will be charged to your card or transferred from your account and electronically deposited into the Church’s account.
  4. Stock transfer
    • TLCV has an online trading account that will accept electronic transfer of stock ownership. This enables individuals to donate the value of the stocks without cashing them in. (this saves the capital gains tax, and permits you to claim the full amount as a charitable contribution)
  5. Remembering the Church in your will
    • You do not have to be a millionaire to have a will. In fact, everyone should have one. Most individuals leave everything to their family, but is not TLCV also part of your family. When the time is right and you start your estate planning, we ask that you keep us in mind.
  6. Other possibilities
    • Naming TLCV as beneficiary on your life insurance policy.
    • Transferring ownership of land or real estate.

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